3D Finder

3D Finder is a product applied to robot 3D pick display and robot education. Relying on leading 3D vision guidance technology, it can identify and locate complex texture boxes, bottles, balls and other objects, and then guide robots to perform tasks such as box picking and visual demolition. It is novel, highly ornamental, and cutting-edge. Integrated display of 3D vision and robots.
Modular design, easy-to-use web configuration, and robotic bottom-level language packaging for visual interfaces make it possible for users to directly call 3D vision using robot code. 3D vision is no longer cumbersome and difficult to use. Educating users can enjoy the creativity of robots.     

3D Finder组成
3D Finder检测引擎
3D Finder Shape 3D Finder Pattern
Based on basic geometric features Texture based feature
Suitable for scattered stacks of rectangles, cylinders, balls, cones, etc. Suitable for precision fitting boxes, parcels, etc.
Processing time: 0.1-2 seconds Processing time: 0.5-3 seconds